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Over your 30 days with me, you will learn how to eat cleaner, prepare meals, move more, and, most importantly, gain back self-confidence. Not only will you receive tons of new, healthy recipes, but you will also receive the tools needed to live a BALANCED and healthy lifestyle. This challenge is NOT A DIET. It is a lifestyle change. You will not be told to count calories. You will not be put on a specific caloric intake. You will learn to eat the foods you love without feeling restricted and burnt out. The relaunch and next challenge date will be announced as soon as possible!

women's 30 day challenge - Next date TBD

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Is it time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do, or did it way better, or fixed that problem you've been having for ages? Girl, I know how to make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How It Works

A set of light and heavy dumbbells, a kettlebell, and resistance bands. Optional: yoga mat for floor exercises.

what you need

The app will be used to track measurements, weight and progress photos.  As well as a method of communication between you and I when needed. Any and all information that you put into the app is 100% confidential and private between you and I.

download the app

Stick to the nutrition guidelines, practice self-discipline by prepping and preparing for your week ahead, and focus on getting 10k steps in a day.  This is 30 days of hard work that will hopefully become an new lifestyle!

follow the rules

Four years ago, I was unhappy with my body and my health. It was negatively affecting my day-to-day life with my family.

July 4th, 2017, we had our first son William.  Obviously, child birth plays a major toll on our bodies as women.  My body changed in ways I never imagined possible.  I went into a slight state of post-partum depression, ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and never worked out. One year after giving birth I was still easily 15 (close to 20) pounds over weight for my height and age and what I normally weighed before the baby. I was MISERABLE.  One day I woke up and told myself, "NOW IS THE TIME.  Get your crap together Sara."  So I did.   

The journey wasn't easy.  But it was worth it. I gained back the self-confidence I used to have, lost the weight and became the best version of my self.  

i can help because i've been there

Now i want to help you do the same.

Here's What You Get

Three sample meal plans
PRIVATE support group
no counting calories
no fad diet
home-Based, On-demand workouts
Fun contests and cool prizes!

I want in!

"I still cannot believe who I see in the mirror.  This program has completely changed my health and my life!"


Have more energy, better sleep and mental clarity.

How does this sound?

Learn how to completely ditch those bad habits you have had for years, and implement new, healthier ones for life!



the results you're going to get:

Join a group of amazing supporters and accountability partners, who may turn into life-long friends.


With dedication, consistency and commitment, you WILL see results over the course of the 30 days.


Gain self-confidence, find your self-worth and most importantly, love yourself again.


"I've never found anything that worked for me and my lifestyle!  This was the easiest and most simple process to follow."

kristina is seeing results she never thought possible

"We were given all of the tools we needed and with Sara's guidance, and my effort, I am proud to say that I am seeing results I thought were never possible"

Prizes & Contests

1st Place - An exclusive fountain fit fam tank top, Branded Sara Jo fountain health Coaching hat or visor, and free entry to the next months challenge.

contests with amazing giveaways!

Are you ready?

"This program was life changing for me and my health.  Take that leap of faith ladies and let it change yours."

- Carol b.