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Meet Darci - NASM CNC

Please meet Darci Herrington.

 I am absolutely thrilled to introduce Darci Herrington as our newest online coach for Sara Jo Fountain Health Coaching! Darci has completed the 8 week Sara Jo Fountain Health Coaching online internship program and is now in the process of becoming a Certified Macro Nutrition Coach. I'm so excited to officially add her to our coaching staff! I know you're going to love her as much as I do! Her passion for health and wellness is undeniable. Follow along with her on IG by searching for @darci_herrington.

Darci lives in a small town in Nebraska with her husband and dog. She spends her days helping to make an impact in people’s lives by teaching them the ins and outs of the health and wellness world. She also a reservist for the U.S. Army.

Darci is currently focusing on empowering people to take action for their health and believes it is our responsibility to do the things we need to do to have a better quality of life. Darci is currently certified through NASM as a Certified Nutrition Coach.

Click HERE to apply to work with Darci.

Meet Sam Wissel

Sam currently assists behind the scenes.  Here is a little bit more about her.

Sam is from Lynn Indiana and has a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition as well as a minor in Exercise Science. She attended college at The University of Saint Francis. When I asked her why she wanted to be a part of my online coaching team, this was her response – “I want to be a coach for SJF Health Coaching because I have a passion for helping people succeed! I want to be there step by step guiding you in your nutrition & fitness journey. Furthermore, I love the motto “Small changes lead to big results.”

Sam is most excited to build a relationship with her clients to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. She wants them to know she is right alongside them through their nutrition/fitness journey! She will be their biggest cheerleader & number one fan! 

Meet Amy

Hi! I’m Amy Parnell, Sara Jo Fountain’s assistant.

I live in Dukedom, TN and have lived in northwest Tennessee for most of my life. My husband and I have seven children and three grandchildren. Prior to working at Sara Jo Fountain Health Coaching, I was a legal transcriber and a full-time stay-at-home mom plus an advocate for substance abuse prevention and drug endangered children.

Now, at Sara Jo Fountain Health Coaching, I take care of anything behind the scenes that Coach SJ needs done (the techy office stuff that I really enjoy) to enable her more time to spend with her clients and focus on helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. I’m also always available to do whatever I can to help answer any questions and offer support as well.

In addition to being Sara Jo’s assistant, I am also a challenge participant. I have faced the same hurdles and share the same objectives as many of her clients. To walk side by side with other challengers and then to get to be a small part of their accomplishments and the change in their lives is just one of the many reasons I love my job! I am honored to be a member of the Sara Jo Fountain Health Coaching team and work for a woman who truly cares about helping others and to be a part of that process.